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Latest Releases 8th December 2012:

Merlin MRP Factory 7 Server v7.4.7


Merlin MRP Factory 7 WorkStation v7.4.7


IMPORTANT: The links on this page of for Program Updates for an existing MRP Factory 7 installation only, and cannot be used for a new setup.

To download software for a new installation please click here.

VERY IMPORTANT!  You cannot update Merlin MRP Factory v6.x.x systems with
Merlin MRP Factory 7 program updates!  The two systems are incompatible. A new installation and new licences are required.  Data can be imported from the old system into the new, via the Administration tab.

To update an existing Merlin MRP Factory v6.x.x system, please click here.

Update Directions

To download your Program Update, click one of the links above, and when the dialogue box appears, choose to save the file to disc.  Select a convenient, easy to find location, such as your desktop.
The downloaded file(s) will be called something like MSU7_4_2.exe and contain an update installer.

Before installing, please run Merlin from the server, and close it again saying Yes to Data Validation, then backup your \database directory.  If you encounter an error, please stop and contact the Merlin HelpDesk.

To install the update you must RUN the file(s) you downloaded by double-clicking the icon, or right-clicking and Running as Administrator.  The Install Shield Windows installer will start.

Please follow the on-screen directions, and in particular please
ensure that you select the correct installation directories for your Merlin products.




Downloads, current 2012.12.07.01 build