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We offer on-site installation and training providing a turnkey system. 

If you already have data in electronic form, we can import it into your Merlin system for you, for really quick start-up!

Merlin MRP Factory 8 is the most powerful version yet of our renowned MRP software, the product of constant software development since 1992.  It is optimised for use under Windows 10, but will run happily on all Windows versions.  Moreover,  with the Easy Learn interface (see below) you can download, install, and start working with it today.

The Educational & Learning User Licence for Merlin MRP Software is free of charge!

The system will manage your production needs, production line availability, subassembly and materials requirements, and will raise works order, subassembly jobs and purchase orders to procure and schedule everything that is required for your production run.

With the Flow-Chart Home screen, you can start working straight away by following the steps and the instructions for each process.  Work through all 8 buttons and you will have created and despatched your first production job!

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The MRP process can be run for a single job, for a group (series) of jobs, or for you entire production schedule.  Simple button clicks accomplish all of the processing very rapidly, and all stock movements through subassemby works orders and sub-jobs, purchase of materials, allocation of materials, issue of materials to WiP and transfer to final assemblies occur quickly and automatically.

Each production processes is tracked through the shop floor, and you can see at a glance the status and progress of all your jobs.

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